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June 12, 2016

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Loving the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables These Days!


I never know how long it will last but for right now I am at that place where I am really enjoying eating fresh fruit during the day and wanting to cook nothing but fresh vegetables for supper at night.  Do you ever get that way? I like having grapes and banana with my breakfast in the mornings and then added some apple slices with lunch later on.  My favorite drink so far this summer (I know it isn’t really summer yet but tell that to the hotter temps we are having already)…..but anyway, my favorite drink so far this year is Iced Water with Real Fruit Strawberries and Lemons from Sonic!!  Yes, just ice water with real fruit!!!  Love it!!

For supper I love making about 3-4 fresh vegetables and maybe some corn bread or something. But my hubby is picky about veggies and so I add in a meat dish to make sure there is enough for him to eat. I am hoping one day this might change and he will be happy to eat just veggies… LOL…

I find myself drinking a lot more water these days. And when I am in the house working (I work from home with my job), I start the day off with coffee.  But I have finally come to realize that drinking sodas during the day does not hydrate me like I need and I just plain don’t feel good…. So quite some time ago, I gave up drinking sodas except here or there….. There are just some meals that I have to have my Coke to go with it…

I also got me a FitBit to wear so that I can see and be reminded each day that I am not moving enough when I am working at my desk.  I am not one to be counting my steps up to 10,000 or 15,000 steps a day yet…. but I am trying to remind myself to get up and move every hour.

How you are getting ready for the summer months? Do you change up your menu for the next few months? Do you find your favorite drink for the heat and stick to it all summer? What type of meals do you like to make during the hotter months?

I hope to share some of my recipes here on the blog during the coming days. Share with me what your favorite recipes are also.  Drop a link in the comments if you have recipes posted on your blog and we will stop by to have a look.

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