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January 16, 2016

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Our home is always opened to our family and friends…..Even family and friends that we haven’t even met yet.  We love showing hospitality. And tonight is no different. I have a house full of young people and there is a buzz all around.

I made a big pot of chili again.  It is my “go-to” meal for night’s like this.  Last minute “dinner-parties” if you may. I think chili doesn’t count as a “dinner-party”. LOL… It is one of the easiest and cheapest meal to have ready at any minute.  I always keep beans either cans, or cooked fresh and frozen till needed, and tomato sauce is a staple in the pantry along with diced tomatoes.  I think if you can plan ahead and have cooked ground beef or ground turkey already in the freezer, that is even better.

The young folks are visiting with each other and watching football on TV.  They ate the chili down to the bottom of the pot.  I didn’t realize till after we were eating that I didn’t make the normal size pot like I usually would with this many for supper.  But they are full and there are desserts waiting when they are ready.

I need to head to the kitchen and make cake/frosting from scratch for my father’s birthday that is tomorrow. We are going over to his house after church with my siblings for lunch. Since we will be coming from church, we decided to go with a deli tray for sandwiches, veggies tray and fruit tray.  There will be chips also.  I am putting together the veggie tray so I have to get all of the veggies ready tonight also while the cake is baking.  It may seem like a lot of work but it is most always cheaper to make your tray yourself then to buy one. You also get to control what is on your tray.

The same thing about making home-made cakes.  You could make a box-mix but if you keep all of the pantry items on hand, there is no need to run to the store for the mix and don’t get me started about “what” is in the mix. LOL…  Same thing about the frosting.  A well stock pantry will be good to you when you need to make something with not much notice.

I guess by now you realize that I believe in a well stock pantry and cooking/baking from scratch. I wasn’t raised this way but after I was married and started having health problems from items found in most box-mixes, quick-fix dinners and such… I had no choice but to start keeping a pantry with the items I needed.  I love this way of living and it has become second-hand to me by now.  I just naturally know what to have on hand to keep my pantry stock and then I can make a menu out of it with no problem and help out with these spur of the moment get togethers.  This weekend it is two such gathering and I am well prepared.


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