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January 1, 2016

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Happy New Year 2016!



This is going to be a great year! God has given us instructions as to where we are heading as a church and for each of us personally.  I have many thoughts and dreams that I hope to see come along this year.  Most important to me is what does God want for me this year? It is not me praying and asking God to come over to where I am and be with me…..It is me praying asking God, “Where are you Lord and what would You have me to do?”

God knows our dreams and thoughts…..He wants to be good to us….He wants to love us…..But most of all…..He wants us to love Him….to want Him….. to serve Him…. Go where He is at…not us ask Him to join us…..

So how does my outlook for 2016 look for me? Well from here…it looks wide-open….wide-open for God and His plans.  But until I hear from Him and know where it is He wants me…. I will be right here waiting for Him….waiting for His instructions…waiting for His guidance….waiting to hear His Word…for my life.  I will strive to be the home-maker, wife, mother, friend, sister and church-member that I can be…..but remembering….it is not in me to have the strength or the knowledge to do what is right.  It is all in Him… He is the Way…He is the Who…He is the How….It is He…. and I will look to Him…

How are you looking to this new year? Is it in your power or His? Who will be leading? You or the Lord? Will it be your goals or His?

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