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December 30, 2015

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I love when things get tight and I have to press towards God…



I know that as one who is saved by grace and a child of God’s, I am expected to walk with God daily. At all times. But…. I still live in my fleshly body and I am not perfect. Not at all..

Here we all are, as is most families right now, almost living paycheck to paycheck. It’s okay. We have what we need, we are not doing without and the power is still on and we haven’t lost any weight, lol… You know what I mean?

But it is only by the grace of God that we are where we are. That the bills are being paid and food in the cabinet. Clothes on our back and shoes on our feet. All by the grace of God.

But it is these times that you have no choice but to press towards God and totally rely on Him. Because in you, it doesn’t look possible but with Him… all things are possible. And this is where I get excited !! I love being pressed to rely on God and not myself or even rely on my husband. I do rely on my husband to be the head of the home and to know what to do and what not to do. You know what I mean, right?

But it just really bonds a family and a couple together when you rely on God, call on God and wait on God, together in these times and in all times.

Tonight my husband and I had to sit down and look at the checking account, see what was there and look at what is coming up due and map out what needs to be done. Things are tight, there really isn’t any “extra” but it is all going to work out.

And even though things are tight, and we have to count every penny we spend, we are trusting God and still have our family and friends over for dinners from time to time. This weekend we have a younger couple and their children from our church coming for dinner. God is good and our money stretched enough and I am going to be able to honor them with a really nice meal. I know that the meal does not matter. They will love whatever I serve. But it is an honor to me to be able to “love” them, to “prefer” them above us and doing so by serving them a meal that is special. So for their meal this Saturday the menu will be:




Garlic bread

Home-made cake


I can not wait !!

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